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I undertook coaching in 2013 to assist in my career progression. The regular sessions with Emily provided me with the guidance and confidence I needed to identify and focus on the areas I needed to address to improve my performance. With Emily’s guidance I worked through the areas I wanted to strengthen, using practical examples from my current role. It turned out I had the answers all along – and Emily was able to draw them out.

The coaching sessions provided me with the time to step back from my day to day work and focus on my career. It was wonderful. I looked forward to our sessions, which left me feeling invigorated. Emily was able to quietly and skilfully guide me into the Director role I had been seeking. I’m pleased to be able to recommend Emily as a coach.


I went to Emily with a number of areas of personal and professional development that I wanted to explore. Emily helped me to understand how I can build on my strengths and find ways to develop the areas where I have less confidence. Emily’s coaching style is supportive but objective, and through our sessions I have identified pathways and actions to take to achieve my objectives. Coaching with Emily has been a valuable experience and I never hesitate to contact her whenever I am faced with new challenges and need to find a constructive approach.


I was coached by Emily Lawton during 2014 and found the process extremely valuable. Emily has a very personable approach to coaching and always made me feel comfortable during our sessions. We covered a variety of topics from time management, to delegation to performance management of staff. I was always given tasks to go away with and report back on which made sure the coaching was even more beneficial. And because Emily and I are in different cities, this was all done via Skype!! I would highly recommend Emily Lawton as a management coach no matter where you’re located.