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About coaching

When people undertake coaching, whether executive coaching or career coaching, they are choosing to prioritise their professional development, equip themselves for future employability and achieve success in establishing and meeting their career goals.

Coaching most often takes the form of one-on-one meetings or telephone discussions over a set period of time, where goals are established and an action plan is developed. The coaching process is completely flexible to accommodate the unique needs and circumstances of each client. There is also an element of accountability to one-on-one coaching, with support and follow up.

Emily’s approach to coaching

Emily’s coaching style has been described as ‘supportive but objective’. She brings a warm and calming presence to coaching, which makes her clients feel comfortable and ready to share their ideas or concerns.

At the outset Emily works with her clients to define their goals for the coaching program. These goals may include skill development, increased confidence or self awareness, or identification of the next steps on a career path.


Starting from a belief that each client has the potential to reach his or her goals, Emily asks questions which facilitate a process of self reflection, enabling her clients to reach greater insights than they would reach alone.

Emily’s use of questioning effectively draws out solutions from her clients, sometimes to their surprise and delight. As a result clients gain confidence and self awareness, become conscious of their strengths and learn how to build on these.

At the same time, Emily helps her clients to challenge their thinking and creates a safe environment to explore options outside their comfort zone. Clients are held quietly accountable for making action plans and taking positive steps towards meeting their goals.

How can coaching help individuals?

  • Experience a supportive safe environment for self reflection
  • Gain a clearer outlook of your career progression
  • Develop better work / life balance
  • Keep on track with accountability.

Workplace benefits of coaching

  • Increased morale
  • Improved management and communication
  • Development of high potential employees
  • Staff retention.

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